What is Your North Star in Business Process Improvement?

Before you begin improving a business process, spend some time on step 2 of the 10 steps to business process improvement because this step helps to guide your work. While the North Star is not necessarily the brightest star in the sky, you can rely on it as a true gauge of “north” and travelers have historically used it to guide them for centuries. What will guide you in your process improvement effort?

In step 2, you identified your customer (or client) and what they want from the business process. You also defined how to measure the success of your business process. These measurements of success should support the customer needs you identified and you can use this information as your North Star. While you might also define metrics that support stakeholder needs or internal business efficiency, make certain to keep the customer need(s) as your North Star. Directionally, you cannot go wrong.

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About powerofbpi

I'm the author of The Power of Business Process Improvement, published by the American Management Association, and an accompanying workbook. I enjoy writing and BPI work! I'm a New England sports fan and love all the teams.
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