Is There a Quick Fix to Business Process Improvement?

When a process does not work, you may hope it will get better on its own or the problem will simply go away. Can you put out the fire and move on to the next problem? I wish I could say yes, but unfortunately….well, you already know the answer.

There is no quick fix to improving business processes. Unless you spend the time uncovering the root cause nothing will change. You may temporarily stop the pain, but it will not last for long. When you find yourself short on time or employees, the quick fix becomes so attractive. Try to avoid becoming a fire fighter though.

If you followed the nine steps to business process improvement, do not forget the tenth step – drive continuous improvement. Only by incorporating this step can you ensure your business process stays relevant to what your customers want. Putting a continuous improvement plan in place will keep you on track and always ahead of the curve.

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About powerofbpi

I'm the author of The Power of Business Process Improvement, published by the American Management Association, and an accompanying workbook. I enjoy writing and BPI work! I'm a New England sports fan and love all the teams.
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