Paint a Vision for Business Process Improvement

If you’re leading a BPI effort, how do you create a vision for process improvement? While I recommend sharing the roadmap, which outlines the 10 steps to business process improvement so your organization understands the journey ahead, you should also create a vision that speaks to the experiential, or emotional, side of employees.

But how do you do this? I am not talking about writing a vision statement and posting it on the wall. What I mean is verbally describing the end state with words that help the organization mentally “see” the future. Do you see the difference in these two statements?

  • After we improve this process, our company will experience a 10% decrease in customer complaints.
  • After we improve this process, our customers will send us testimonials, will follow us on Twitter, and will write positive reviews of our product on Amazon.

The first statement provides a quantitative statement that addresses the analytical side of an employee’s brain, while the second statement paints a picture that an employee can visualize.

Combine both analytical statements and descriptive statements when beginning a process improvement effort to effectively engage your organization.

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About powerofbpi

I'm the author of The Power of Business Process Improvement, published by the American Management Association, and an accompanying workbook. I enjoy writing and BPI work! I'm a New England sports fan and love all the teams.
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